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The main objective of this assignment is to produce the financial management manual for NCDM’s project management unit so that they can perform financial works effectively in compliance with UNDP’s rules, regulations, and policies. This manual will include/address only key aspects or recommendations raised/suggested in the Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfer (HACT) report, mainly accounting policies and procedure, financial reporting and monitoring.


The objective of the Supplementary Financial Management Manual (SFMM) for NCDM is to provide guidelines on financial policies and procedures to management, operation, and financial staff of Program Management Unit (PMU) at the National Committee for Disaster Management. Please note that the financial procedure and process should be precisely prescribed, short, and concise, and implementable in the context of the NCDM.  In addition, standard formats and forms should be developed and attached in a good order as needed or not available and accessible by link or click on content. It is important to ensure that:


  • Accounting policies are consistent and uniform follow across all locations (PMU/NCDM);
  • Clarity with respect to transactions accounted regarding relevant official function
  • Each process should embed clear task division, segregation of duties, internal control framework, check and balance, accountability, transparency, performance evaluation and risk monitoring – Processes are in line with the statutory requirement.
  • Efficient, accurate processing and accounting of transactions with adequate internal control in place; and
  •  Process based approach to follow and identify account and monitor fund received and expenditure for the project/program.


The design concept should focus on users friendly, client based, and meeting acceptable standards. It should consider practices relevant to laws, and regulations of the Royal Government of Cambodia and is in line with relevant international project management and financial management standard and practices.


The technical consultant will perform the following duties:

  • Review financial areas which needs to improve as identified in the HACT report.
  • Consult with UNDP team about the manual, standard requirements, and key working aspects.
  • Collect the government’s existing financial management manuals or procedures which issued by Ministry of Economy and Finance on Standard Operating Procedure on Financial Management for all externally Financed Project/Program in Cambodia and assess their relevance and standard consistency;
  • Use or amend existing standard manuals or procedures;
  • Work with NCDM to review accounting policies, set up chart of accounts which consistent to the Prakas on CoA Classification of MEF and project/program donor code for tracking;
  • Draft the Financial Management Manual;
  • Present to UNDP and NCDM, and address/improve the draft report based on comments;
  • Finalize the Financial Management Manual; and
  • Provide training to NCDM, especially assigned staff members.


Interested offeror must read the Individual Consultant (IC) Procurement Notice, which can be viewed at for more detail information about term of reference, instructions to offeror, and to download the documents to be submitted in the offer through online.

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