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Posted 2 years ago

Objective of the assignment

UNDP is seeking to engage a consultant to develop a set of key guidelines to improve “Energy” sector of GHG inventory as well as sectoral templates and guidelines for assessing and reporting on Energy sector mitigation policies and measures and their effects tracking for tracking NDC progress.  

Scope of work

Under the overall supervision of the Climate Change Programme Coordinator and guidance of the Team Lead expert and in cooperation with the project expert team, the Consultant will be responsible for the following activities:

a) Develop a set of key guidelines to improve “Energy” sector GHG Inventory system, in particular:

  • Detailed guideline for the uncertainty assessment for all categories in Energy sector based on the experience gained in preparation of 2016-2019 GHG inventories.
  • Guidelines of QA/QC procedure, considering national institutional set-up.
  • Recommendations for the formats for publishing the GHG inventory data, briefs, charts and other visual data for “Energy” sector GHG inventory for the transparency purpose.

b) Ensure elaboration of mitigation-related documents in line with the requirements of “Modalities, procedures and guidelines”, in particular:

  • Elaborate principles for selection of key mitigation policies and measures (PAMs) in “Energy” sector for achieving the NDC targets.
  • Revise and amend as appropriate the sectoral templates and guidelines for reporting on “Energy” sector mitigation PAMs and their effects for tracking NDC implementation.
  • Support the project management in organizing consultations related to draft sectoral templates with corresponding authorities, summarize the results and incorporate them into the final sectoral templates.
  • Develop list of institutions (ministries, agencies, private sector) with the roles for provision of data on PAMs in “Energy” sector.
  • As a project team member provide comments and feedback to the draft legal and regulatory documents, developed in the framework of the CBIT project.
  • Propose a common approach for assessing GHG emissions reductions from mitigation measures in the “Energy” sector.
  • The expert will have indirect responsibility to attend meetings, workshops, trainings, including validation workshop and periodic team meetings.

Expected Deliverables, Timeframe and Schedule of Payments


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Guidelines for the uncertainty assessment for all categories and QA/QC procedure in Energy sector are developed.

Draft format for visualization of the data for “Energy” sector GHG inventory is proposed.

28 February, 2023



Principles for selection of key PAMs in Energy and list of reporting institutions are developed.

Common approach for assessing GHG emissions reductions from PAMs in the “Energy” sector is proposed.

11 April, 2023



Based on consultations with key reporting authorities/institutions, draft sectoral templates are finalized.  

20 June, 2023


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