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Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Project Manager of the hiring Project/UN Agency, 

The writer is expected to:

  • cover events
  • go for field visits
  • interview project people, beneficiaries, members of donors, counterpart organisations and government
  • Produce top-quality articles, blogs, and features

The editor is expected to:

The translator is expected to:

  • Translate to and from English and Bengali.

The consultant will be given 1 week notice prior to the assignment in normal circumstances.

In case of on request or urgent event coverage, the consultant might be required to complete the assignment within 48 hours. Writer/editors/translators may do work outdoors and in remote locations.

The consultants must bring sufficient equipment and take necessary steps in order to perform the required output successfully.

The consultant will have to be ready to work in various weather conditions and bring their equipment with them while they are on location at all times.


Following the performance of the tasks outlined in the Scope of Work above, the writer/editors are expected to deliver the following outputs: 

The writer is expected to submit the following outputs for writing assignments per callfor every request.

  • Rough notes
  • Draft write-up
  • Edited write-up after incorporating feedbacks from assigning officer.

The editor is expected to submit the following outputs for editing assignments per call.

  • Edited write-up after incorporating feedbacks from assigning officer.

The translator is expected to submit the following outputs for editing assignments per call.

  • Main write up in original language
  • Draft translated write-up
  • Final translated write-up after incorporating feedbacks from assigning officer.
  • Roster / LTA Contracting modality and Call-off mechanism:

Roster / LTA Contracting modality and Call-off mechanism:

  • All One or multiple LTAs will be established with the selected candidates will be put on a roster, valid forinitially for a year and can be extended up to 3 years. A candidate will have to select any/every role he/she feels will be able to fulfil. For example, Writer, Editor, Translator, Writer/Editor, Writer/Translator, etc. 
  • The LTA(s) to be signed will be an all-inclusive lumpsum amount. The writer/editors/translators will have to propose lumpsum quotes based on

Please note that the writers/editors/translators will have to cover all costs including internet and equipment costs. UNDP will not be liable for these costs.

  • UNDP does not warrant any quantity of services will be purchased during the term of the LTA as this will depend on forthcoming needs.
  • Once the LTA is signed, if there is a specific requirement/event/meeting to be covered, the focal person in the UNDP hiring unit would contact the top-ranking LTA holder (ranking to be set up as per evaluation method and criteria section below). Should this consultant not be available for the assignment, UNDP will contact the second ranked consultant and so on.
  • Upon receipt of this communication, the LTA writer/editor/translator would have to confirm their availability for the assignment. If positive, s/he would inform UNDP of the expected travel/lodging costs (if applicable if the event requires travel). Upon review of the same, UNDP will send the writer/editor/translator a written communication confirming the requirement in the form of a work order or purchase order sent by email.

The order will include details on the location of the event, number of hours/days for work and other practical details. Price in the order will be based on lumpsum fee included in the LTA contract and on the agreed travel costs.

After the work order has been sent, no further costs would be reimbursed by UNDP (increased number of workdays/hours, or increased travel costs) unless there is prior written authorization by UNDP. The successful IC will be given 2-3 days’1 week notice prior to the scheduled event.

  • After the work order has been sent, no further costs would be reimbursed by UNDP (increased outputs, or increased travel costs) unless there is prior written authorization by UNDP.
  • Once the services are completed and have been approved by the hiring unit, the consultant will send the following for payment purposes:
    • complete invoice indicating number of pages and travel costs (if any);
    • supporting documentation (bills/vouchers) for reimbursements of travel costs if applicable;
    • copy of the UNDP order for the assignment.
  • The roster may also be used by UNDP HR team to select consultants on National Professional Service Agreements (NPSA). Those contracts will be based on the time-input provided by the selected consultants. The fee under NPSA modality will follow the pre-defined remuneration scale prescribed by NPSA policy.

Contract management:

UNDP will regularly monitor the performance of these LTA holders, based on the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • KPI 1: Responsiveness: Writer/editor should respond and confirm their availability for the event within 1 day of UNDP’s notification by email.
  • KPI 2: Timeliness of submission of reports to UNDP
  • KPI 3: Quality of reports are as per work order submitted.
  • KPI 4: Accuracy of payment documentation: Writer/editor/translator shall provide complete payment documentation including accurate invoices with correct quantities, unit price, complete travel bills/vouchers for reimbursement, etc.
  • KPI 5: Communication and Reporting: Writer/editor/translator shall communicate and provide reports in a timely and professional manner

UNDP would may conduct performance reviews of these LTAs every six (6) months, which might include meetings with the LTA holders and feedback from other stakeholders.

If the consultant fails to meet UNDP’s performance requirements detailed above, s/he will receive in the first instance a warning to improve their performance. Continued failure to meet performance requirements may result in termination of the LTA.

Duties and Responsibilities

LTA Objective and Set-up

The overall objective to set up Long-Term Agreements (LTAs) with individuals to expedite the process by which UNDP and other UN Agencies in the Bangladesh engage the services of a writer/editor/translator, as the need arises.


  • The consultant will be required to work from within Dhaka and or from their own homes/offices unless requested by UNDP to travel to different locations within Bangladesh.
  • For completion of the activities/deliverables under these LTAs, the consultant will be responsible for her/his own equipment, tools or software (i.e., laptop, internet, phone, etc.) and must have access to reliable internet connection.
  • The consultant might be required to travel outside their duty station for specific events and would make their own arrangements for travel and lodging.
  • Payment of travel costs including tickets (based on economy class ticket only), lodging, etc. should be agreed upon, between UN/UNDP and the consultant prior to travel. 
  • All travel related expenses will be reimbursed on actualsactual basis, upon submission of original receipts – air tickets must be most direct.


The initial contract would be for one year with an option for renewal in the subsequent years which is contingent on a satisfactory performance evaluation. The roster/LTA will be valid for maximum period of 3 years.

UNDP may issue multiple long term agreements (IC contracts) for selected consultants or National Professional Services Agreement (NPSA) depending upon the need of various projects.  LTA holders are not guaranteed any contract amount during the validity of the LTA, and engagement will be on an on-callneed- basis.


The writer/editors/translator must have required hardware and software packages, and internet access for carrying out the activities required under this assignment and shall report to the Project Manager of the hiring unit or his/ her authorized representative/s.

All submissions for the release of payments shall have final soft copies of the edited products as agreed. The final output will be reviewed by the assigning officer, who will provide comments and endorsement of the output.

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