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Posted 2 years ago

The Municipality of Shtime/ Štimlje, under the Mayor’s leadership, is acting to address the pressing financial issues the municipality currently faces resulting from litigious contracts and agreements with public administration and the private sector. The main issue to be addressed by the municipality is to define its legal and financial obligations and liabilities vis-à-vis service providers/ private companies, and litigious cases which are putting s financial burden on the municipality. According to the data from the municipal performance management system of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, the overall municipal performance of the Municipality of Shtime/ Štimlje has decreased between 2020 and 2021 due to budget issues. Thus, the municipality did not qualify for the municipal performance grant which is allocated annually to enhance local autonomy and governance. 

Therefore, finding appropriate solutions to the contractual and financial issues the Municipality has inherited will not only stop the financial losses but also improve the Municipality’s accountability and governance. The Mayor, responsible for the use of financial resources in compliance with the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability and all other applicable rules and regulations, is committed to addressing these issues. 

Reviewing and identifying appropriate courses of action to address and resolve the contractual and financial issues of the Municipality requires expertise in the field of administrative law and public administration at the local level. As such, the Mayor has limited human resources to review existing contracts and agreements financially damaging to the Municipality. Hence, the Mayor has requested legal and technical support from UNDP to appoint a Legal Expert to support the Municipality of Shtime/ Štimlje to identify, address and resolve contractual and financial issues.

Objectives of Assignment
The Legal Expert will support the Municipality of Shtime/ Štimlje in reviewing existing contracts and agreements with private companies and public administration to identify, address and resolve contractual and financial issues that jeopardize the municipality’s public financial management. 

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