Environmental Health and Social Impact Assessment (EHSIA) for infrastructural work on Storage and Skill Training Centre Facilities – Freetown

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This assignment requires the services of an individual consultancy that can demonstrate adequate analytical capacity and expertise with the following minimum qualifications:


  • Must have at least Advanced University degree (Masters’) in Environmental Studies, Development studies, Natural Resource management or related field of study


  • Minimum 5 years professional experiences and familiarity with coastal climate change impacts and adaptation measures and other climate issues.
  • Demonstrate understanding of sustainable development issues and challenges in the natural resource and environment sector.
  • Experience in environmental safeguards instruments like EIAs
  • Previous experience on EIAs in developing country would be an asset.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in spoken and written English required.

How to Apply

Qualified consultants are hereby requested to apply with the following required information:

  • Brief letter of application.
  • Personal CV indicating relevant professional experience.
  • Brief description (max. 2 pages) of the proposed methodology and approach on how they intend to carry out the assignment.
  • Financial proposal that indicates all-inclusive fixed total contract price supported by a breakdown of costs (including professional fee and specified other costs if applicable including travel costs and DSA).


  • The information in the breakdown of the offered lump sum amount provided by the offer or will be used as the basis for determining best value for money, and as a reference for any amendments of the contract.
  • The agreed contract amount will remain fixed regardless of any factors causing an increase in the cost of any of the components in the breakdown that are not directly attributable to UNDP.
  • The breakdown of budget shall include local travel related to this assignment.

Please note that applications will only be considered if they include ALL of the items listed above. Also note that UNDP job portal website only allows for one document to be uploaded, so please combine all the above-mentioned items into one single Word or PDF document before uploading.

Evaluation criteria

The award of the contract will be made to the consultant that obtained the highest Combined Score and has accepted UNDP’s General Terms and Conditions. Only those applications which are responsive and compliant will be evaluated. The offers will be evaluated using the “Combined Scoring method”.

Technical Competence (based on CV and technical proposal)           Weight 70%              Max. Point 700

Academic qualification:                                                                                 10%                             100                                                     

Advanced University degree (Masters’) in Environmental                               10%                              100

Studies, Development Studies, Development Management,

or related field of study.                           


Methodology                                                                                                    40%                         400                                                                     

A well develop approach to the assignment detailing                                       30%                          300

among other things methodology and approach

to the assignment suitable to the required ToRs.


A well develop work plan relating to the scope of                                            10%                           100

the ToRs included as per the technical proposal.

Experience relevant to the assignment                                                       20%                           200

Previous working experience indicating similar                                              10%                            100

assignment with updated CV submitted

as an attachment to the technical proposal.

Previous experience on EIA                                                                          10%                             100

Financial Evaluation (Total 30 Points)                                                        30%                            300

Financial proposal in spreadsheet indicating all costs related to the proposal     30%          300

Total Score                Technical Score *70% + Financial Score *30%

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