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Under the overall supervision of the Project Coordinator, the Deputy Programme Manager will be responsible for supporting the effective implementation of the program activities and monitoring/evaluation activities. S/he will be responsible for managing the programme and M&E teams to ensure timely implementation of activities, quality supervision, and the provision of technical and policy advisory support to achieve a high level of programme performance and quality services. The Deputy Programme Manager will lead and supervise the monitoring and evaluation activities and ensure that the capacities of partners in this technical area are strengthened and s/he will lead on the oversight of programme activities and timely and quality reporting to the Country Office, GF, CCM and other reporting requirements (e.g., Sub-recipients, service providers) including partnerships and knowledge management activities. This will be done in accordance with UNDP rules, policies and procedures, the grant agreement and corporate agreements with the GF, and working in partnership with national stakeholders, and in coordination with the Global Fund (including Local Fund Agent), technical partners and UN entities, the GF/HIST and other UNDP business units and programmes.

The Deputy Programme Manager deputizes for the Project Coordinator. The Deputy Programme Manager will promote a collaborative, client-oriented approach, ensuring integration across functional areas within the PMU and support to the integration of capacity building and health system strengthening activities. 

1) Ensures effective programmatic management, monitoring, evaluation and coordination:
•    Leads on the programmatic and M&E activities for UNDP and Sub-recipients including the development of reprogramming requests, annual and quarterly workplans and budgets to ensure timely achievement of agreed results, budget compliance in accordance with UNDP rules, policies and procedures and Grant Agreement with the Fund (e.g., Performance Framework);
•    Liaises with all functional units of the PMU – PSM, Programme, Finance, etc., to ensure effective coordination towards timely delivery of agreed activities in line with the grant agreement, UNDP rules, policies and procedures and corporate agreements with the Global Fund and leads the preparation of GF programmatic reports and other reporting requirements (e.g., UNDAF, CPD, UBRAF);  
•    Oversees Sub-recipient management for regular, quality reporting to UNDP on programmatic progress (e.g., implementation of activities, and reporting of indicators in accordance with the grant M&E frameworks), including the regular tracking and reporting against an SR Risk Management Index;
•    Supports the timely implementation of studies to be carried out, including the finalization of study protocols and their detailed budgets for consideration by the GF; and
•    Under the guidance of the Project Coordinator, in the areas of programme and M&E leads on supporting programme audits (including Sub-recipients) and investigations and in coordination with the Regional Bureau, Office of Audit and Investigations, GF/HIST and ensures timely follow up on management actions and recovery actions.   

2) Provides capacity building in grant management and monitoring and evaluation for the achievement of the following results:
•    Provides technical support to implementing partners to strengthen their management and implementation of activities, as well as their M&E systems and develops risk mitigation and management plans and establish and tracking system to monitor the implementation of the risk matrix and management plans;
•    Oversees a regular programme management and review process to improve the performance of SR partners and UNDP performance against grant goals and the implementation plan;
•    Proactively anticipates implementation bottlenecks and identifies innovative ways to resolve the same to strengthen programme implementation and oversight, M&E reporting skills of the Sub-recipients;  
•    Supports development and implementation of capacity development plans and mechanisms;
•    Ensures the implementation of improvements to the HMIS based on recommendations and consultations already commissioned;
•    Supports UNDP’s contribution to the national strategic planning process for the programmes based on evidence gained during implementation of the programmes; and
•    Leads the design and delivery of programmatic and M&E and health information system training and/or capacity building, together with implementing partners involved in the implementation of the grants.

3) Ensures maintenance of strategic partnerships with key national actors and supports resource mobilization efforts  focusing on achievement of the following results:
•    In coordination with the Project Coordinator, builds strategic partnerships and maintains strong working relationships with the CCM, provincial AIDS control programs, national health and human rights partners, communities, UN and other technical partners, to ensure transparent and effective management, quality services and oversight of the programmes;
•    Supports the Project Coordinator to develop support technical assistance and representation of the UNDP in the process of Global Fund grant development

4) Facilitation of knowledge building and sharing focusing on achievement of the following results:
•    Identifies and assesses the implications of UNDP’s rules, policies and procedures in the functional areas of programme management and monitoring and evaluation on the implementation of GF programmes in coordination with GF/HIST and other UNDP units (e.g., BMS) and reports to the Country Office on changes to GF rules that impact on the programme;
•    Provides high quality programme briefs, write ups and inputs to UNDP reports including, ROAR, Annual Reports, Briefing Notes and any other request for information and represents UNDP at the request of the Programme Manager;
•    Identifies and supports development of communications (e.g., print, video) highlighting key programme achievements, best practices, and lessons learnt and contributes to information sharing partners, the Global Fund, Regional Bureau and GF/HIST; and
•    Actively participates in UNDP and other relevant external networks to promote the programmes and UNDP’s health and development work (e.g., conferences, community of practice, Yammer) and represents UNDP in relevant technical meetings, working groups at country, regional and global level and gathers lessons learnt to apply to the programmes.

5) Supervisory/Managerial Responsibilities:
•    Oversees the management of the Programme and Monitoring and Evaluation Teams providing supportive supervision and mentoring;
•    Ensures regular feed-back and performance evaluations of direct reports, and timely contract renewals; and
•    Tracks professional development goals of team members, and oversees the implementation of a realistic training and support plan for teams and staff

6) Other tasks assigned by the Project Coordinator

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