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The project, “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone of Vanuatu – Phase II” (V-CAP II), financed by the Global Environment Trust Fund (GEF) and Least Developed Country Funding (LDCF) was approved in May 2022 and the project implementation is expected to commence in November 2022.


The objective of V-CAP II is to improve the resilience of the vulnerable areas and communities therein to the impacts of climate change through the conservation of biodiversity and natural ecosystems and the implementation of integrated approaches in order to sustain livelihoods, food production, and ensure biodiversity conservation and reduce land degradation by building on the lessons learned from the first phase project (V-CAP I). 


V-CAP II will work to ensure improved management of critical island ecosystems to support better informed integrated management of land and coastal areas to achieve the co-benefits to strengthen resilience to climate change and achieve social and biodiversity conservation outcomes. In addition, the project will work to build upon the current government decentralization initiative by developing capacity at the Area Council levels to mainstream action for biodiversity conservation and climate change adaption at the Provincial and National levels.  The project will be implemented in 6 provinces working very closely with Area Councils and other key government stakeholders.


VCAP-II Project Components:


Component 1: Integrated community approaches to natural resource management and climate change

     adaptation developed and implemented

Component 2: Information and early warning systems on coastal hazards

Component 3: Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Governance

Component 4: Knowledge Management and Lessons Sharing   


This 6-years- project will be implemented by the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment, Energy and Disaster Management (MCCAMGEEDM), under the Government of Vanuatu. 

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